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Dear friend:

Happy new year! I hope this note finds you enjoying the warmth and happiness of connecting with loved ones.

This past summer, my family and I enjoyed a wonderful month in China during which we had a chance to visit with some of you. Since then, I’ve been barricaded in my office in Los Angeles, learning and creating as I write my second book, on how to find the career of your dreams. I hope to release this book in the summer of 2017.

The new year also brings another fun new project, as I launch a new blog series on my WeChat public platform, every Sunday and Thursday night China time at 9:00pm. Called TWO MINUTES OF JOY #两分钟的JOY#, each post will start with a 2-3 minute audio file of me reading an essay I’ve written about love, or life, or careers. Following that, we’ll insert my English essay, and its Chinese translation. This project will give you a great chance to practice speaking local American English with me!

Since everyone seems to find me on WeChat or Weibo, this will be my last email to this list. Below is a recent post from this new WeChat blog. (Sorry I don’t know how to include the audio file here, so if you want to hear that, please click through the title to the original post!)

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Cheers to a new year in 2017 – and a new chance for us to get it right, both in our lives and in our world.

Big hug,

#4: Can we all stop obsessing about beauty, already?

Hey everyone! This is Joy, with the fourth episode of “两分钟的JOY.”What music are you listening to these days? I’ve been loving every single track on Meghan Trainor’s latest album “Thank You.”

One thing that makes Meghan different from many of the other pop stars out there is her body shape.

Because she’s not skinny-skinny like Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez, Hollywood calls her “plus-sized.” Because she dares to be normal-sized and still be herself, Rolling Stone magazine in 2014 deemed her the year’s “Most Unlikely Pop Star.” Well, in the face of skepticism from the overlords of the music industry, Meghan Trainor became a global icon for self-love – and oh by the way, won the 2016 Grammy for Best New Artist.

Check out this one of her lyrics: “I’ve been on a low-hater diet.”

When I first heard it, I thought, “Is ‘hate’ too strong a word to describe how women feel about their bodies?” Then I realized, no, sadly, many woman do regard their bodies with… hatred.

Here in the United States, there’s been a growing movement, called “fat acceptance” or “body positivity,” which encourages media and society to expand our definition of beauty. This movement tells us “All bodies are good bodies! We’re all beautiful!”

There’s lots to admire about this movement. I support the broadening of our definition of beauty, and the valuing of the beauty of every woman.

At the same time, I must say, I am getting sick and tired of all the attention to beauty.

Of course beauty is important, and of course as humans we have an instinctive attraction to physical beauty. I try my best to look beautiful. But seriously, beauty is not everything! We are more than just our bodies. We are capable of so much more than simply looking hot. We need to learn to value women not just for our beauty, but also for all those things that make each of us human.

Your body. Your face. YOU. You are great enough.

The way to get the world to stop judging us all simply on our bodies, and to start paying attention to who the hell we actually are, is for us all to get on a low-hater diet, and start unleashing our voices and our talents into the world.

I mean, just look at Meghan Trainor. Just listen to her. Her beats, her lyrics, her voice, and her sassy, swaggering self-confidence. Everything about her just makes me wanna get up and dance. Have a listen, and you’ll see why I’m a fan.

Ain’t she great?! That’s it for today, folks. And hey everyone, don’t forget to SMILE BIG & ENJOY YOURSELF!

两分钟的JOY | 4.不要再一门心思只关注”美”了,好吗?


你最近喜欢听什么音乐呢? 我最近超爱Meghan Trainor的最新专辑《Thank You》 ,每支单曲都棒极了。

相比其它一众流行歌手,Meghan有一个非常与众不同的地方:她的身材。 因为Meghan不具有像Taylor Swift或Selena Gomez那样极度苗条的身材,好莱坞称她为“大号姑娘”。也正因她敢于以正常身材示人,勇于做自己,滚石杂志在2014年封她为“最不可思议的明星”。在音乐界大佬们的一片质疑声中,Meghan Trainor成为风靡全球的“爱自己”icon——哦对了,她还赢得了2016年度格莱美最佳新人奖哦。









一定要去看看Meghan Trainor,听听她的音乐——她的节奏,她的歌词,她的声音,以及她那活泼又昂扬的自信。她的每一点都是那样令人激动,让我恨不得立刻蹦起来跳舞。赶快来一起听下,你就会明白我为什么是她的粉丝了!

她是不是超棒?!好了姐妹们,今天就是这样。不要忘记 SMILE BIG & ENJOY YOURSELF!

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