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Feng Xiaogang Immortalized on Hollywood Walk of Fame


Feng Xiaogang is immortalized for all time with his handprints on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Dear friends,

Sorry I’ve neglected this blog in the past few months. My husband Dave, two little girls and I had an amazing time in China over the summer. We had many appearances across the fashion and lifestyle media, and our girls had fun playing with friends’ kids.

Since our return to L.A., I’ve been working on several very exciting creative projects involving women and the media in China, plus a couple of home projects where we live in the outskirts of Los Angeles: an organic vegetable garden, and a new flock of 10 young chicks who will live in our yard and give us organic eggs if we are lucky and treat them right. And, after many losses, I won my first tennis tournament!

Feng Xiaogang immortalized in Hollywood last weekend


The great Feng Xiaogang with me at the gala dinner honoring him for his achievements.

What drove me to write this blog today is my experience this past weekend, when I was honored to host the gala following the handprint ceremony for director Feng Xiaogang here in Hollywood.  “China’s Steven Spielberg” Feng Xiaogang is the very first Chinese director ever to be immortalized on the Walk of Fame with this honor. I’m sure others will follow in the years ahead.

In his remarks, Feng said he was deeply honored by the award, and that his work is simply to bring happiness to other people.

How touching! That goal – to bring joy to other people – is perhaps the single defining mission of all of us in the creative industries, whether we are filmmakers, artists, architects, musicians, writers.

I’m starting on book #2!

His words inspire me as I set about the task of writing my 2nd book, which will be for China’s current and future working moms. Part One will be how to be successful in your career and will be filled with stories from my rise to become Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles, and from my days as a CEO headhunter for Fortune 500 companies. Part Two will be how to raise kids who are happy, smart and successful. It will be packed with practical tips drawn from all the latest scientific research from the West and also with many fun and interesting stories of my two darling girls.

As with my first book “Do not marry before age 30,” I’m already finding that the person who learns and grows the most from my writing is not my fans, but me personally. Writing forces us to sharpen and clarify our thinking, and so this writing project is bringing me joy, and I hope next year will bring you joy.

Coming to China

Me introducing the beloved actor Zhang Guoli, who is as funny as he is handsome!

Me introducing the beloved actor Zhang Guoli, who is as funny as he is handsome!

I’m coming to China this weekend, where I’ll spend three weeks meeting with potential publishers for Book #2, as well as my various media partners and leading brands for women. We are working on several really exciting projects including a potential TV talk show for women!  I’ll fill you in on those projects as they shape up.

I hope this note finds you happy and well as winter nears. Please know that I am thinking of you all and working very hard to make sure that my future creative offerings are worthy of the love and loyalty that you have entrusted to me.  I send you my love, and hope to see each of you in person sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, for a sampling of my print and TV interviews in Chinese or English – our whole family dances on Le Jia’s show on CCTV! –you can find them on my website HERE.  And if you’d like to have more frequent updates and thoughts from me, my weibo is HERE.

Big hug,


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