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Everyone says to go find your passion. But where? How?

Hey everyone! I’m back in Los Angeles after five exciting weeks across China. It was so much fun to have Dave and our girls along. I’m grateful to all my friends and fans for welcoming them with open arms. Growing up in the United States, our girls sometimes complain about taking Chinese lessons, so it meant so much to Dave and me to have a chance to let them bask in their Chinese heritage. They were thrilled that, every day they met big sisters and aunties ready to hug them and play with them. Finally they found a use for their Chinese skills!

The girls aren’t the only ones who get to exercise their Chinese skills when they come to China. I do, too! I depend on the patience of all my darling friends and fans, since picture3 my Chinese still stinks. But I love the feeling that my Chinese is steadily improving, as it’s such a powerful connection to my ancestral home of China. My love affair with China continues to deepen.

During this trip, I gave several speeches on how to find our passion. It’s a subject that fascinates me, since I’ve had four totally different careers on two continents. So you could say I searched for my passion for a very long time.

Why is it so hard to find our passion?

From the time we were born, we’ve been taught to listen to everyone but our own selves. In big and small ways, we’ve been disciplined to be acceptable to society. Other people want us to conform to their worldviews. We got used to listening to everyone’s voice but our own. Our original selves became so deformed that by the time we grew up, we no longer recognized our own selves or heard our own voices.

We spend the first 20-something or more years of our lives losing ourselves, and the rest of our lives reclaiming ourselves. The process of finding our passion is precisely that process of the process of reclaiming the treasure of our authentic selves. We all have potential that’s unique to our own talents, worldviews, motivations. And we all have limitations. When we learn to identify our unique talents and limitations and our own sources of happiness, is when we will have the power to find our passion. So our quest for passion is actually our quest for building lives of our own.

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I’m devoting the coming weeks and months of my life to researching and writing my book #2, on how to find your passion. For this book, I’m drawing from my own diverse experiences, and the experiences of the thousands of highly successful people I interviewed in my seven years as a CEO-hunter for Fortune 500 and entrepreneurial companies. And I’m reading up on world’s best business and psychology thinkers.

Only some of what I discover will make it into my book. But in the coming months I’ll commit to putting highlights of what I learn online via social media. If you’d like to join me in discussing these topics, my Weibo is <@陈愉Joy Chen>, and WeChat Platform is <ohqueens>.