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English/Chinese edition now available!

The covers of my book. The yellow dress is the English/Chinese billingual edition. The red dress is the Chinese edition.

The covers of my book. The yellow dress is the English/Chinese billingual edition. The red dress is the Chinese edition.

Dear friends:

I’m so happy to announce that the English/Chinese bilingual edition of my best-selling book Do Not Marry Before Age 30 is now available.

The title of my book addresses one of the hottest social issues in China today, the stigma of the “leftover woman.” Women as young as 22 tell me they’re leftover!

Don’t marry just to marry

The leftover-woman stigma is leading to serious problems today in China. First, it’s pressuring people to marry for the sake of marrying – and that is resulting in loveless marriages and exploding divorce rates. Chinese society now is producing an entire generation of children of divorce.

Second, the leftover-woman stigma leads to a sense of anxiety and isolation among so many otherwise lovely and amazing women.

Whether you’re single, married, divorced or widowed, whether or not you have children, this book is for you.  It’s a book on finding success, happiness, and love.

This is a book about my own struggles

This is a book about my own evolution from a shy and scared young Chinese girl in America into a global citizen and take-no-shit older woman.  It’s about how I was appointed Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles at age 31, and my later work headhunting for global companies.  And this is a book about love, about how I found Dave, and how you can use advanced headhunting techniques to bag the man of your dreams.

In these pages I lay bare the things I know now that I wish I’d known when I was starting out.  My triumphs, my regrets.  The things I would do over again if only I could.  Recollections that make me laugh, memories that make me cry.

Sparking conversations among women everywhere

Working on this book made me realize that, even though the circumstances of our lives differ, many of the big questions that we as women face are the same.  And yet we never talk about them, even with our closest friends.   I believe that there’s huge value to be gained through the fun and fascinating conversations we as women can have amongst ourselves. This book is aimed at helping spark those conversations everywhere.

In the words of the late great American writer Gore Vidal, “A book exists on many different levels. Half the work of a book is done by the reader—the more he can bring to it the better the book will be for him, the better it will be in its own terms.”  Never has this been more true than with my book.  That my book already has become a such a big best-seller in China is testament to the amazing spirit and vitality of Chinese women today.

The English/Chinese deluxe edition

Until now the book has only been published in Chinese, even though I wrote it in English.  And the amazing Yue-Sai Kan wrote her Foreword in English. And my husband Dave wrote in English his Endnote revealing the secrets of our married life.

Now you can read our original words through the special English/Chinese deluxe edition of the book.

Since the book is written in a fun and slangy tone, it’s a great way to practice your American slang, and especially your American slang about love!  Those of you with excellent English skills will notice encountered many difficult translation questions; for instance, how does one translate the fun and winky term “flirt” into Chinese without it being too serious or dirty?

You can read the English/Chinese edition is available exclusively in the Kindle store, which means you can read it or on your computer, tablet or smartphone via the free Kindle app.

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The yellow-dress cover is the English/Chinese edition, while the red-dress cover is the Chinese edition.

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Dear reader, I hope that this book encourages you to go out and find the right answers for your life.  I hope that this book encourages you to be brave, to dare to ignore the rules, to go out and grab hold of everything in this world that you know you deserve.

Big hug,