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Book now available in English — and we’re in China!

Dear friends, hope this email finds you well. I’m sorry that my blogging has slowed to once or twice a year. For more frequent updates, please check my WeiboFacebook or WeChat.

My family and I are in China this month – hooray! 陈愉 Joy Chen book 《30岁前别结婚》Do Not Marry Before Age 30

Dave and I have been having a great summer. I just turned 47, and he just turned 50 – pretty great achievements, huh? We celebrated his half-century mark with a wonderful party with friends, and will continue the celebration with our girls by spending most of August in China. If you see Dave, wish him a happy birthday! Our girls now are at the great ages of 7 and 5. It will be such fun to show them a bit of their own culture and history, and to spend time with friends and fans.

Working with good friends to change the world is the most fun thing to do in life

I’ve been working on my second book, on how to find your perfect career, and in the process have been thinking a lot about passion, and changing the world. Everyone tells us to go chase our passion, but how exactly do we find our passion? I can’t think of a more important topic than this, and I feel so blessed to be able to spend my days working on these questions. I’ll try to offer some insights and generate some discussion in my social media in the coming months, but meantime, if you’re in China and are interested, come to one of our upcoming events.

In recent years, I’ve been blessed to have been invited by various companies to write columns, and create and represent products, but this year I felt that my time had become too scattered and so I decided to create a mission statement: To help all Chinese women realize their dreams.

To help YOU realize YOUR dreams. That’s all. Even as I work on Book #2, I’m also working on other exciting projects, including a movie with Wanda titled Do Not Marry Before Age 30 — and perhaps some other interesting products as well!

Do Not Marry Before Age 30 now out in English!

After four years in print, the time has come for the memorial edition of my first book Do Not Marry Before Age 30! The new edition has a new cover and new Introduction from me and is available in print in Chinese in online and offline bookstores across China.

For the first time ever, my original English manuscript is now available as an e-book for those of you with advanced English skills who want to read my own words as I wrote them in English.

And the English-Chinese version is terrific for those who are learning English – and those interested in analyzing, discussing and arguing about the many interesting linguistic and cultural problems which arose during the translation process. I spent many hours on the phone with translator Wang Jianbo discussing these issues.

For links to all these editions in China and the United States, click here.

I hope you are having the best summer ever, and that you’re making it so by shining brightly in this world. I hope to see you soon. Our first event is in Beijing this Saturday August 6. After that, we’ll be coming to Suzhou, Shanghai, Xiamen and Shenzhen. For details, see my Weibo.

Big hug,